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Excellent customer service is the key

Why settle for a good service, when you can have a premium service?

Running a good business means that Customer Service must be at the heart of everything we do for our clients, whether new or old.

However, as much as we are ashamed to admit it, sometimes mistakes can be made - we're only human! But it's how we deal with our mistakes that makes us the company and the Executive PA's we are today. A recent example of this was where one of our clients felt that for a very short space of time, she got a 'good secretarial service' instead of the 'Executive PA service' we had promised her.

So, what did we do about this? Well first of all we read the signs, we listened to our client, we identified the problem and we swiftly resolved the problem. We had an open and honest conversation with our customer during a very short transition period and we gave her that little bit more tender loving care whilst we fixed the problem. At the end of it we now have one very happy Executive PA / client relationship and our client is 'delighted with the quality and responsiveness of our support'.

Whilst we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction, when something goes wrong we work quickly to rectify the problem because providing a premium customer service is central to our core values. Visit our testimonials page to read the great feedback from current and past clients.





Are you wearing too many hats?


How many hats do you wear?  Ok, I know you are not actually wearing all of these hats but they do represent the number of skills that you need to successfully take your business to the next level.  You need to be an expert in everything! 

At some point you will discover that you simply can't continue to do it all yourself.  Something has to give!  Outsourcing one or two of your hats will free up your time and energy for an abundance of other things including actually doing some revenue building work - now wouldn't that be nice? 

Kaleidoscope clients are all highly sought after professionals and the key to their business growth is delegation - although they have to adher to their diary, they shouldn't actually be planning their diary, or booking their own travel and accommodation.  You should be in the meetings, creating more business and improving relationships with existing clients, and your Executive Virtual Assistant should be doing all the rest of the work. 
The benefits you would gain from delegating administrative, non-core, time consuming activities to a Kaleidoscope Executive Virtual Assistant are numerous and life changing.  Imagine if you could have 7 extra hours a week, or 28 hours a month or 14 extra days a year!  What would you do with all that extra time? 

Consider how valuable your time is - bring it down to the nearest pound.  Whatever that number is for you, that's how much it costs you to do your administrative work and I am confident that you do it far less effectively and efficiently than a Virtual Assistant would.  There's no financial model on the planet in which doing that makes sense.


The next time you find yourself wearing too many hats and spending too much time working 'in' your business instead of 'on' your business consider the services of an Executive Virtual Assistant.  You'll be glad you did!

Happy New Year

We'd like to wish you a very Happy New Year and we hope the start of 2014 has found you all relaxed after a well-earned Christmas break.

We ended 2013 on a very big high, having spent the year working towards our business plan (with a few strategic diversions along the way!) and whilst it was a whirlwind year, we've left it behind feeling rather proud of the achievements of Kaleidoscope Executive PA Services - both in how well our ever growing team has come together and in how we have been able to use our fantastic skills to provide a first class service.

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Kaleidoscope is recruiting

If you’re an experienced PA looking for a flexible, challenging new opportunity, you could find it with Kaleidoscope.

We’re now recruiting self employed part-time executive Virtual Assistants to work alongside the established Kaleidoscope team. The business has been providing high level executive support to clients for several years now, and we’re growing the business and the team along with it.

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Effective partnering with a Virtual Assistant

The success of virtual teams in large corporate environments, such as software development, has been proven.

However, the principles behind that success apply in exactly the same way for working with smaller teams – partnering a successful micro-business with a Virtual Assistant.

In this blog for the Harvard Business Review, Keith Ferrazzi outlined the main principles behind successful virtual working. If properly applied, Ferrazzi says, virtual teams can even outperform traditional teams.

A key point Ferrazzi makes is that the working relationship needs to be effectively managed. When team members are not working in one another’s presence, the processes and communications they use need to be particularly robust. Once those processes are in place, increased efficiency and effectiveness follow.

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What makes a Virtual Assistant executive?

There are many types of Virtual Assistant, but a Kaleidoscope Executive Virtual Assistant is unique. The main reason for that is that word, ‘executive’, which refers not just to the type of work we do, but the way we do it and the people we do it for.

A self-employed non-executive director or management consultant – our main clients – is working at a very high level, and usually dealing with executives in large corporate organisations. All of their clients have professional PAs running their diaries – and we believe our clients should have exactly the same service.

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