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A perfect forum with Forward Ladies


After a couple of years in business I’ve learned an awful lot – but there are times when a bit of extra support comes in really handy.

Kaleidoscope Virtual Assistant Services is growing very rapidly at the moment and it’s really starting to move into a new stage of development. I have all the same feelings of excitement and nerves as I did two-and-a-half years ago when I set up. Plus there are particular challenges to handle when you’re managing a growing business, such as juggling all the different demanding roles of client work, strategy, networking and everything else.

Forward Ladies, the women’s networking organisation, came up with exactly the right recipe for helping new-ish businesses in this very position – the FEE (Female Emerging Entrepreneurs) group. It puts together small groups of women who have been running a business for a year or two, and gets them to act almost like non-exec directors for each other’s businesses.The meetings are strictly confidential, which means you can speak with complete honesty in a very safe forum.


I’m in a newly-formed York FEE group and we recently had our introductory meeting. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was excellent. I found being able to safely challenge and be challenged on what our businesses are doing and where they are going is a really positive thing.

It’s much more easy to be objective about someone else’s business than it is to be about your own, and the ethos of the FEE groups is very wise to that. I really enjoyed helping other women with their work as well as receiving invaluable help myself. And I have to say, it was facilitated excellently.

I left feeling very positive and inspired, with a list of business goals that I’ve already begun working on. Thanks so much, Forward Ladies!

If you have any experience with similar groups, why not drop me a line? I’m always happy to hear more about small business management and growth.